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Your Source for a Van With a Convenient Wheelchair Lift

At Bill's Auto Sales in Westfield, North Carolina, we strive to ensure every customer drives away happy. If you can't find passenger vans that meet your needs, come check out our lot full of Ford® vehicles. Our vans average $13,000 and up, but we do have some available for $8,000, and we are proud to offer the best deals around.

Our Inventory

A mechanic with more than 30 years of experience looks over all vehicles before they are placed on our lot to ensure they are in good working condition and can make long-distance trips. Whether you are looking for a passenger-assist or handicapped van, we have something to fit your needs. Our Ford E350 vans come with a wheelchair lift that can carry up to 800 pounds. They also have front and rear airbags, power windows, tilt, cruise, and accessibility with side and rear entry.

Your Test Drive

You can test drive any van you want on our lot after we receive a certified check from you, and we will provide a four-day permit for you to do so. You can even take the van to your own mechanic during that time to have it looked over.

If you decide to purchase the van after your test drive, we will have the paperwork ready for you when you come back. Once you give us a check, the van is yours, and we will not charge a "dock" fee for processing financial paperwork like other dealerships. In addition, if you need financing, we can put you in contact with a company that finances commercial vans.


Transparency and Integrity

Customers may run their own CARFAX® report on one of our vans if they wish, but we will share everything we know about a van and point out any potential problems before they make a purchase. At Bill's Auto Sales, we want to ensure you find a van that is a perfect fit, and your satisfaction is our number-one priority. Many of our customers come back to us again and again, and we love when they refer their friends.